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A small sea lion, I traveled with the most beautiful China

Date:2015-08-03|Browse number:1045

  Hemingway's novel "the old man and the sea" everyone is familiar with, and today Xiaobian for everyone to bring a piece of the old man and the sea ". This is hot non car home small sea lions forum "series of high-speed self driving stick, the author is a northeast old man, he was driving a small sea lion full do not take the high-speed, and walk on the old path traveled to China, up to now has released 8 travelogue. Today, the first day of the release of the first article - Liaodong south coast tour. With his wife, driving a car the sea lions, another way to experience the natural, perception of life, don't be afraid to encounter dangers and difficulties of wind, frost, rain and snow, appreciate the original scenery -- it's really worth the trip.

Self driving tour of small sea lions along the southeast coast of Liaoning

Car: small sea lion X30

Itinerary: 2014.5.28-6.1 Liaodong South Liaoning Liaoning - 1757 kilometers

Route: Shenyang - Fushun - Xiuyan - Dashiqiao - New - Horse Racing - Panjin - Xingcheng - Yiwulvshan

Background: the eastern Liaoning mountains and water, the summer is in full bloom, a green mountains and rivers, Jiangnan scenery. In the south of Liaoning along the Bohai region is a vast and beautiful sea fishing boats, seagull racing.

Set out


May 28th - Fushun - Shenyang - Jockey Xinbin

(self driving road map)

(Fushun people's housing reservoir)

(on both sides of the road is the white tree flowers)

(like most of the blossoming snow white and pure fragrance)

(qingyongling: built in 1598 is the emperors of the Qing Dynasty Graves)

(a square green seedling pools Emma vaguely reflecting the blue sky blue mountains very beautiful a country beauties)


5.29. Racing - caohezhang - small - Benxi Guanmenshan - Spa temple - Shenyang

(original scenery Boulevard)

(closed down hill)

(the small city of Benxi to Shenyang highway 304 beautiful scenery along the way to small car road)


5.30. Shenyang - Liaoyang - Anshan - Xiuyan - Qianshan

(Yaoxiang year... Once upon a time Qianshan created a toll Ji Cui door to a road go to black. It seems this road is can't walk a U-turn bypass)


5.31. Dashiqiao - Panjin - Xiuyan - Huludao - Xingcheng

(Ji Guanshan small sea lions stopped to leave a shadow)

(the beautiful scenery of southern Liaoning Manshan verdant green everywhere intoxicated)

(coastal artificial landscape along the way)

(located in the coast of the Bohai Sea of Panjin Dongguo reed field is a wide expanse of coastal wetlands as the kidney of the earth at present is the world's largest producer of reed)

(XiaoHaiShi to accompany me back once nourished Yang River around me thank you)


6.1. Xingcheng - Huludao - Beizhen - Linghai Yiwulvshan Montenegro - Shenyang - Xinmin

(Huludao coast)


-- the end of the journey

Car owners driving experience

This whole journey back, calculation, 100 km fuel consumption of 6.2 liters, 0.45 yuan per kilometer.

] the way down, the sea lions also really live up to our expectations, did not make any mistake, can not leak or leaks, driving a really comfortable, headlight is really too good, that was a good trimming, the dipped beam headlight is use it to tune and angle just. The headlights opened, 200 meters away from the car, immediately shut the headlights.

9:28 this trip down, turned over a few mountain, go two gravel Panshan Road, and is very narrow and steep, upper and lower are in half an hour or so, small sea lions can smooth passage, I choose to walk the two roads is looking for excitement along the way, but the scenery is really beautiful ah, too seductive.

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