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Self driving small sea lions in Liaoning Binhai Avenue South of Liaoning coastal line

Date:2015-08-03|Browse number:1109

Author Wang is a retired police officer a northeast, Shenyang, with the car played life dealings; Wang young has not reached a wish right, China's great rivers and mountains of the, retired from the purchase of small sea lions a car began his dream on the road.

Liaoning Binhai Avenue is the longest in China coastal road, east of the Dan things to Huludao Suizhong County of Wan Jia Zhen, a total length of 1443 kilometers. Because of the sea with the sea, and many of the road is cross the sea, so it is also called a unique tourist sightseeing Avenue, is the first choice for driving. The Liaoning Binhai Avenue in West Liaoning has experienced many, this time chose South Liaoning coastal line. Enter the Binhai Avenue in Yingkou Bayuquan, driving all the way south, through the Changxing island composite Bay State, Pulandian Bay, Jinzhou Bay arrived at the Liaodong Peninsula, the southernmost Lvshunkou LaoTieShan, here is at the intersection of the Bohai Sea and the Huanghai Sea. Next in the Dalian bay along the Yellow international to Zhuanghe County, the end of the Binhai Avenue South of Liaoning coastal, north of the Xiuyan, Benxi returned to Shen.

The following photos are taken by the mobile phone and the card reader, and the video capture of the driving recorder is added.


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