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Brilliance Shineray Chongqing Automobile Industry Park, the first phase commissioning ceremony

Date:2015-02-09|Browse number:1286

On February 9, 2015, the theme of “blessing comes and Shineray sails”  Brilliance Shineray Chongqing Automobile Industry Park, the first phase commissioning ceremony was held in Chongqing Fuling District, the new MPV will appear in the upcoming new production base.



Chongqing Municipal Government Deputy Mayor Ming Wengjie, Chairman of Brilliance Group Yumin Qi, and Fuling District secretary Min Qin, Mayor Hongyi Li, Chairman Daxing Gong from Shineray auto, with other leaders, about 400 people attended this event .




The commissioning ceremony, marking Shineray auto was moving steadily to be a billions-level of Automobile enterprise. With Shineray auto settled in Fuling, in addition, there are 36 core suppliers will also be assigned to the park this year, the park will reach 30 billion in output value.


Brilliance south strategy

According to the Strategic layout planning of Brilliance auto, Shineray auto as south base, With the Brilliance Group increasingly powerful technology accumulation and the advantages of the matching system in Chongqing, It steadily growed. Its products have included mini series A7, A9, small haisi, mini-trucks series T20, T22, T30, T32. At present, Shineray auto has been established more than 1,000 sales and service outlets, the products were exported to over 40 countries, such as Brazil and Algeria.


In June 2013, to expanding production capacity, deepening Brilliance Southern strategy and accelerating the pace of enterprise development, Shineray auto contracted Fuling base with 300,000 vehicles and 300,000 engines project. On May 7th 2014, the project in Fuling District formally laid a foundation.


Industry Park Profile

The new industry park located in No. 111 shineay road, Fuling district, Chongqing, it covered an area of 1704 acres,Constructed in two phases, first project with 150,000 vehicle and engine design capacity, second project with 150,000 vehicle and engine design capacity. The total investment is 4.5 billion Yuan. A construction project has been completed and put into operation, the second phase project is scheduled to start in April 2015, it will be completed in 2017.


The first phase project is including stamping, welding, painting, assembly, engine and other technology plant and equipment, as well as 110 KVA substation, cafeteria, offices, proving ground, vehicle shipping farm.

Stamping Workshop: Three press lines;

Body workshop: Three platform body welding line;

Painting Workshop: EMS treatment of automatic catholic electrophoresis line and automatic painting line;
      Assembly plant: Three assembly lines and automatic vehicle testing line.

In Body shop, paint shop, assembly shop and engine shop in the station will be used robots or automated equipment to product or on-line testing equipment to monitor.



South Plant Phase II project includes development of office building, testing center, training center and staff quarters, covering 285 acres.


R & D building testing center is equipped with first-class test equipment, including imported chassis dynamometer, emission analysis systems, NVH data acquisition equipment, equipment fine, dense sound equipment, vehicle 4 column systems can meet the vehicle test, engine test, key component testing in the positive and reverse products development.


Future development

       According to the plan, in the next 3 to 4 years, Shineray auto will be implemented in four great platforms in Fuling base, the layout of the five main models, fully support the goal of the annual output of 300,000 units, the main products are MPV, SUV, new mini car traditional mini car and related vehicle engine.


Brilliance Shineray plans the sales target of 130,000 cars, the sales income of 4.2 billion in 2015, plans the sales of 200,000 cars, the sales income of 10 billion in 2017, in 2019 plans sales of 400,000 cars , the sales income of 20 billion , will pay tax about 700 million every year..

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