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Brilliance Jinbei 750 will be listed on the domestic MPV competitive upgrade

Date:2015-08-04|Browse number:1655

Intro: the MPV is a foreign word, its basic meaning can be understood as: the usefulness of the car comfortable + truck space + wagon. So, compared to other single passenger cars, more and more consumers began to pay attention to the practical value of high MPV models. At present, we have the requirement of a good MPV, in the space and practicality already have the premise, but also to emphasize the car as comfortable, so it is sure to have the same as the car front driver mode. This power traction is more comfortable, the back row space is more spacious, more smooth with the ground. To this end, the 750 will emerge as the times require brilliance!


Car design: young "face" + "heart""

It is reported, one of the 750 biggest bright spot is that it uses the brilliance, car design concept. For example, in appearance, Brilliance Jinbei 750 by twin U type grille design, at the bottom of the air inlet grille also uses the U type decorate photograph echo. The large size of the other, will make the face look more stylish atmosphere. And the official said the Hawkeye lens headlamps and shuttle crystal after the taillights, also makes the body more significantly smart, whole body lines are also in more and closer to people's aesthetic requirements of car stereo line.

Shadow of the shapes of cars, "lining" is complete car style, because is the core of Brilliance Jinbei the front precursor design and car chassis. There is no doubt that the car chassis can bring better stability and comfort. And the front of the front of the setting, eliminating the need for the rear wheel drive shaft, so that the car more space. The car chassis, but also to bring 750 Brilliance Jinbei better handling stability, steering precision. So we can bold speculation, Brilliance Jinbei 750 clear positioning, will or is manned + mild cargo, the consumer demand for the perfect synthesis, let 750 market broader!

Configuration rich: technology and dynamic bring safe and comfortable experience

It is understood, brilliance 750 car will use the 7 seat layout of three row 2+2+3. 3 seats 7 row of changeable space, the seat is flexible and can be adjusted at any time, will meet the needs of the families of the families of the car, adult children can be properly balanced. For a body length of 4.5 meters of MPV, is currently the best level of domestic MPV. Coupled with the front of the front of the design, can make the car more smooth, more use of space. According to relevant sources, the car third row of the leg space can reach 565mm, but also to enhance the comfort of the ride. And the full car more than 30 convenient storage space, but also to make the family more convenient.

In other data, the official offer from the ground clearance is 180mm, this figure is enough to compare with the SUV high pass, it is far more than the same level. Power, Brilliance Jinbei 750 will use the 1.5L engine, three models were 1.5L, 1.5L comfortable type and 1.5L luxury type three. The high allocation of comfortable and luxury even equipped with 8 inches in the control panel and the outer mirror heating, a key start, keyless entry, reverse image, reversing radar. Can be described in the sense of science and technology in a more humane, rich configuration so that more families can enjoy the fun of people, cars, life.

In addition, Brilliance Jinbei 750 will have more safety features, such as the whole system is equipped with four wheel disc brakes, double safe gasbag and ABS+EBD+CBC, also will have hidden in the rearview mirror and integrated vehicle traveling data recorder, can effectively prevent the "pengci party blackmail, can also be used as a traffic accident video evidence basis.

Although at present, the domestic MPV market competition is intense, from Switzerland Kairui elegant, Wuling Hongguang, Weiwang M20, Changan solutions to Lifan lotto, scenery 360 and so on, the emergence of every new product can get consumers a certain degree of love, from this point of view, the domestic MPV in Fenghua Zhengmao period. The Brilliance Jinbei 750 was born and will continue to be the domestic MPV market breakthrough, after all, front precursor and car chassis to it better smoothness and more comfortable experience. And obvious, advantages of Brilliance Jinbei 750 is manned and light, this will lay their position in the market segmentation. Finally, Brilliance Jinbei 750 quality and competitive price strategy will also attract little attention. After all, we hope to price PFP is the kingly way.

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