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Chongqing shineray brilliance auto industrial park the first phase of the ceremony

Date:2015-08-04|Browse number:3699

    On 9 February 2015, the theme of "Fulin sail brilliance Xinyuan Chongqing Automobile Industrial Park, the first phase of the commissioning ceremony was held in Chongqing Fuling District, is in the new base line of new MPV models debut, expected to be launched in April.


    Chongqing municipal government deputy mayor wengjie Ming, brilliance Group Chairman Qi Yumin, municipal government office, city development and Reform Commission, the Municipal Economic Commission, the city by letter to the committee, the Municipal Environmental Protection Bureau, municipal science and Technology Commission, the city of Quality Supervision Bureau, City Land Bureau, city branch of industrial and commercial, Municipal Corporation, customs, commodity inspection and other units responsible for and Fuling District Party committee secretary Qin Yongmin, Mayor Li Hongyi, team members, Fuling District departments at all levels responsible person, New Area Administrative Committee leadership of all, Oriental Shineray Holdings Co., Ltd. and the supporting enterprise, Fuling project equipment manufacturers, the construction side on behalf of the, about 400 people attended this activity.


The commissioning ceremony, marking the brilliance towards baiyiji Xinyuan automobile enterprises strong steer. With the brilliance of the Xinyuan settled in Fuling, in addition to 36 core suppliers will also this year assigned to the park, park at the appointed time will form an annual output value of 300 billion yuan, driven by Fuling economic transformation and upgrading.


The complementary advantages of deepening the brilliance of Southern strategy

According to the strategic layout of brilliance auto base from north to south, 2008 start brilliance group large-scale private enterprises in Chongqing United Oriental Shineray Holding Co., Ltd. to fully enter the automotive market. State owned enterprises and private enterprises in the integration of excellent resources for the development of high goals across the development of new energy, but also for the economic development of Liaoning and Chongqing has played a positive role in promoting.

2012 June Chongqing Xinyuan brilliance Automobile Company Limited was formally established. By virtue of brilliance group increasingly strong technical accumulation, plus Chongqing perfect matching system advantages, in leadership from all walks of life support and care, brilliance Xinyuan steady development, gradually enrich the product line, its models include minivan series Jinbei A7, Jinbei A9, Jinbei sea lions, micro goods series of Jinbei T20, Jinbei T22, Jinbei T30, Jinbei T32. At present, the brilliance of the Xinyuan has been in China established more than 1000 sales and service outlets, the products are exported to more than 40 countries, Brazil, Algeria and other.


In June 2013, in order to break through the bottleneck of capacity, further deepening the brilliance Southern strategy, accelerate enterprises bigger and, stronger, superior pace, brilliance Xinyuan signed Fuling base 30 million vehicle and 30 million units engine project. On May 7, 2014, project in Chongqing Fuling District formally laid the foundation stone, marking the brilliance auto in southern China a series of development has begun to take shape, form echo of North and south of the new pattern.

All parties support Xinyuan speed show

Is located in Chongqing Fuling District Metro District Xinyuan Road No. 111 brilliance Xinyuan Auto Industrial Park covers an area of 1704 acres, the construction in two phases, a period of 15 00000 vehicles and engine capacity design, the second phase of 15 00000 vehicles and engine capacity design, projects with a total investment of 45 billion yuan, a phase of the project has been building completed and put into production, the second phase of the project started in April 2015 and 2017 completed.

A phase of the project in May 2014 to now completed and put into production, the project life cycle only 9 months time, reflect the new brilliance Xinyuan speed. Which is inseparable from the strong guidance of the municipal government, brilliance group, Fuling District, is also inseparable from the brilliance Xinyuan construction, equipment support.

The first phase of the project has been completed and put into production, including stamping, welding, painting, assembly, engine and other process plant and equipment, and supporting the 110000 volt ampere substation, cafeteria, office building, test field, vehicle delivery, etc.. A phase of the project according to the requirements of 15 million vehicle production, stamping workshop built three stamping line, welding workshop three platform body welding line, paint shop before automatic EMS processing cathode electrophoresis line and automatic painting line, assembly workshop assembly line 3 and automatic vehicle detection line. At the same time, supporting the completion of 150000 engine assembly line. Welding shop, paint shop, assembly shop and engine workshop will be in the key position the robot or automatic equipment for production, and the online testing equipment of the key position of quality monitoring.



About to start the two phase of the South plant including the development of the office building, testing center, training center and staff quarters, an area of 285 acres. Research building and testing center equipped with domestic first-class testing equipment, including imported chassis test dynamometer, emission analysis system, noise, vibration and harshness (NVH) data acquisition equipment, fine equipment, sound dense equipment, vehicle four column system, satisfy the vehicle test, engine test and key parts of the test positive and reverse product development.


Product production capacity to jointly promote the development of a new chapter

According to the plan, within the next 3-4 years, brilliance Xinyuan will base in Fuling to achieve four major product platform, the layout of the five main models, comprehensive supporting an annual output of 30 million units of the general programme, main products have MPV, SUV, new minicar, traditional minicar and related vehicle engine.

The commissioning ceremony on debut brilliance Xinyuan front precursor sedan platform build car MPV based on, the car by brilliance auto R & D team the A0 class car platform design and development based on, design by BMW Brilliance Automotive designers to assume the task of investigating, don't on the existing micro vehicle platform to build compact MPV based on the traditional car companies.

It is understood, brilliance Xinyuan 2015 plan sales target of 13 million vehicles, sales revenue 42 00000000 yuan, 2017 plan sales of 20 million, sales income of 100 billion yuan, 2019 planned sales of 40 million, sales income of 200 million yuan, when will creating an annual tax of 7 billion 

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