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Brilliance Shineray 750Li launched on April 13th 2015

Date:2015-04-15|Browse number:3812

On April 13th 2015, Brilliance Shineray 750Li, the first seven-seat car level MPV of Brilliance Shineray group, is launched in Chongqing Brilliance Shineray automotive industry park. 750Li with car-level design philosophy from BMW complete car designer equipped the leading intelligent configuration. In August 750Li sport version will be launched.


Better car-level quality

   With the improvement of life, consumers need car not only to carry passenger and cargo but to be more practical, so consumers focus more on those new multi-functional MPV comfortable as car, capacious as van as well as utilizable as wagon. In response to the needs, Brilliance Shineray 750Li is born, which is more competitive in comfort and handling than similar competing cars due to introduction of chassis system from Brilliance Auto.

   Firstly, styling designer from Brilliance BMW designed its appearance. Double u-grilles matches well with the decoration with air-inlet grille at the bottom, and the eagle-eye lens front lamp as well as the shuttle crystal rear lamp makes car body fashionable, the body line more close to aesthetic appreciation of consumers in dimensional car body line.

    Secondly in configuration, the body length of 4.5 meters takes 2-2-3 seat layout and is flexible in adjusting its seats. FF layout makes the car space flat and capacious. Eight-inch central control HD screen, GPS navigation, Bluetooth, Keyless entry + one-touch start, electric folding, outside rearview heating, electromotive air conditioner, mobile interface and remote control of internet of vehicle, leather seat with heating function as well as other configuration more advanced that the similar, presents consideration of science and bring more pleasure of various configuration.

    Lastly in security, Brilliance Shineray 750Li equipped with Double-airbag, ABS, EBD and CBC, guarantees the drive security. And its hidden inside rearview mirror and Integrated vehicle traveling data recorder can effectively avoid car accident defraud and provide video evidence of traffic accident, which passively and subjectively addresses the fundamental worries for car owner.


High cost-effective to seize the market

Throughout all the car models of the same level, configuration richly Brilliance Shineray 750Li is competitive in market price. After the launch event, some related industry experts come to a personal opinion that the essence of this impact resorting to its high cost effective will push it to take up the main domestic market of MPV and consolidate a new multi-purpose vehicle concept by car quality.



Since the establishment of the new production base at Fulin, Chongqing, Brilliance Shineray will play an important part to the southern strategy of Brilliance Auto group and boost production capacity and production line which will promote the pattern of Chongqing Pattern. The launch of Brilliance Shineray 750Li is an important step of the southern strategy. In the future, based on the production capacity of 300,000 and the rich production line of Fulin production base, beginning with Brilliance Shineray 750Li, Brilliance Shineray will produce multi-level strategic vehicle rather than mini vehicle to stabilize the southern strategy of Brilliance Auto group.

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